The attractive advantages of oral drug delivery, including increased patient comfort and compliance, reduced risk of infection, simpler application in pediatric medicine, first-pass metabolism preceding systemic exposure, and cost effectiveness, have positioned it the most popular and preferred route of drug administration.


Proteins stand at the basis of cell structures and perform many essential tasks within the body.

In diseases and conditions involving protein deficiency or inactivity, modern medical care relies heavily on protein-based drugs that mimic the actions of the body’s natural proteins.

When properly absorbed within and distributed throughout the body, these drugs can restore or maintain normal body functions. However, the integrity and potency of orally ingested proteins are jeopardized by harsh acids and proteolytic enzymes within the gut and by the physical barrier posed by the wall of the small intestine, which blunts translocation of large particles.

Thus, most protein-based pharmaceuticals cannot be taken in tablet form, and are typically provided in injectable forms, where they are delivered directly to the blood circulation.


Oramed Pharmaceuticals’ POD™ (Protein Oral Delivery) technology has been designed to (1) protect orally delivered proteins from detrimental enzymatic activity within the gastrointestinal tract and (2) to enhance their absorption across the intestinal wall.

The active protein is encapsulated in a capsule that features a highly protective coating that remains intact in the most acidic segments of the gut, as well as enzymatic support provided by specialized protease inhibitors.

Drug availability is further secured by an absorption enhancer supplement that facilitates protein passing across the intestinal barrier.

By preventing protein-drug breakdown in the gastrointestinal tract and promoting its crossing the small intestine, this breakthrough solution brings oral protein-drug delivery significantly closer to a reality.